Strip and sheet for components

Seat rail systems, instrument boards, pillars... We are only at the beginning of many promising new developments for components in the car.

More than ever, new and economical applications are emerging from our commitment to working together with our customers. Hydro is a reliable partner for the supply of premium rolled products to various components, which are becoming ever lighter and of higher quality, creating greater efficiency and safety in the car.


EN AW-5182
EN AW-5083
High strength
High ductility
Seat structures
EN AW-5182
EN AW-5754
Medium strength
Outstanding forming properties
Instrument panel beams
Door systems
Sunroof systems
Seat pans
EN AW-5454-
EN AW-5754
Leak tightness
Crash behavior
Corrosion resistance
Surface finish
Fuel tanks
Compressed-air reservoirs
EN AW-1050A
EN AW-3005
Thermal conductivity Infrared reflectivity
Corrosion resistance
Heat shields

Updated: October 11, 2016