Annual report 2013

  • Market situations

    strip mining
    The global alumina market was fairly balanced at the end of 2013.
  • Board of directors report

    board of directors
    A deeply rooted improvement culture and relentless focus on cost reduction have strengthened Hydro's position among the global leaders in the aluminium industry.
  • Viability performance

    Hydro's mission is to create a more viable society by developing natural resources and products in innovative and efficient ways.
  • Strategy and targets

    melted aluminium
    Delivering on its ambitious improvement program, From B to A, will be a key priority for Bauxite & Alumina in the coming year.
  • Business description

    Hydro is a resource rich, fully integrated aluminium company with operations in all major activities along the aluminium industry's value chain.
  • Highlights of 2013

    aluminium ingots
    From receiving the highest green rating to creating value in a tightening aluminium market, it was an eventful year for Hydro. Here's a selection of 2013's highlights