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The statistics show that the trend is moving in the right direction. We achieved our most important target in 2014 - no fatal accidents. Even though our safety results are among the best in our industry, Hydro's clear ambition is to improve further.

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Safety performance is the most important measurement of whether we are running the business properly. After a massive turnaround operation in the mid-1980s, the trend has been mostly positive even though we have not always reached our ambitious targets.

We achieved our most important target in 2014 - no fatal accidents. Our TRI rate (total recordable injuries per million hours worked) for own employees improved by 6 percent, but we did not reach the targetof 2.85 in 2014. Hydro's TRI rate was 3.2 in 2014 and 3.4 in 2013 and 2012. We have clear ambitions to improve this further, and in 2015 the company aims to reduce its TRI rate by 12 percent down to 2.8.

Internal independent investigations are routinely initiated after fatal accidents and other serious incidents to identify the causes and reduce risk for recurrences. Our approach to improving safety performance is based on risk management, leadership qualities and shop floor engagement. An example is a company-wide, harmonized high-risk incident investigation and communication tool that was implemented in 2013. We have defined the priority areas man/machine interface, traffic and contractors as well as leadership behavior. Designing the interface between employees and technical equipment is important to avoid dangerous situations and accidents and is an important area in the Primary Metal and Rolled Products business areas.


Updated: October 3, 2016